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Certified Peer Specialist are not licensed clinicians and is not a substitute for such. A CPS cannot diagnose or treat conditions.
The role of a Peer Specialist is to use their own lived experience to help clients strive and live a life of fulfillment. 

Phone: 678-330-5390

Certified Peer Specialist
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Mental Health Coach|Teen Mentor|Destiny Helper

To say that she is happy and truly at peace is an understatement, after years of suffering from depression and anxiety from childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Zoe became content with pain.  


About 5 years ago, she realized that there was more to life, and she deserved to be happy. So, she started her journey with first realizing that the abuse was not her fault. Zoe then studied the impact of trauma such as the hormonal changes of the brain that can lead to a multitude of mental illnesses. It was important for her to give herself the care and protection that was void during her childhood.


This led zoe on the path of Peer Counseling which awarded the opportunity to help others in similar situations with effective coping and life skills.

It is my moto that life was meant to be lived. 

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